Wassily Kandinsky Colour Study of Squares 1000 Piece Fine Art Puzzle - Panoramic

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Panoramic Puzzle is over 3 feet wide!
A 1000-piece panoramic puzzle features the full work Colour Study of Squares by Wassily Kandinsky. Though Kandinsky's early works featured bright painterly landscapes, these subjects and approaches soon gave way to his iconic abstract compositions. Lyrical, ordered, and thoroughly abstract, Kandinsky's work drew considerable inspiration from the tenets of the esoteric Theosophical Society and the emotional power of music. He is generally credited for having created the first fully abstract painting. Perhaps one of Kandinsky's most recognizable works, Colour Study of Squares was intended by Kandinsky to simply be a small study into color perception. Immerse yourself in the power of color as you piece together each square. 
This is part of the Eurographics Fine Art Puzzle Collection. 



Finished Puzzle Size: 39" x 13"
Strong high-quality puzzle pieces.
Made from recycled board and printed with vegetable-based ink.

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