Promenade Picnic Ba(g)sket - Floral

Unlike the more conventional, classic baskets, the Promenade’s collapsible interior allows you to fit it easily into anywhere you’re going. Packed with a full cutlery, plate and wine glass set for two, the Promenade is perfect for anywhere you’d like. Sitting sturdily on its willow foundation, you’ll enjoy the genius of your unique and useful basket or bagsket!


Canvas body with woven wicker bottom
Leatherette handles
Includes 2 plates, 2 sets of flatware, and 2 wine glasses
Individual canvas pouches for storing plates and flatware sets
Measures 14in x 11in x 13.5in


  • 1 Picnic Basket (Steamed Willow and Canvas, 14" L X 11.4" W X 4.75"/13" H)
  • 2 Plates, 7"
  • 1 Canvas Plate Pouch
  • 2 PS Wine Glasses, (2.5" Dia. X 5.1" Tall)
  • 2 Stainless Steel Forks with Wooden Handles
  • 2 Stainless Steel Knives with Wooden Handles
  • 2 Stainless Steel Spoons with Wooden Handles
  • 1 Roll-Up Flatware Pouch

Materials: 67% Cotton Canvas; 20% willow; 10% Fabric Liner(45% Poly / 55% Cotton); 2% PVC Leatherette; 1% Nylon Thread

Care: Surface wash with a damp cloth only. Spot clean. Do not immerse in water. Dry immediately.

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