Enameled Hummingbird Ornament

These enameled Hummingbirds are made using an ancient technique for decorating metal work called Cloisonné. Cloisonné traditionally uses vitreous enamel or inlays of cut gemstones to decorate different types of metal. These hummingbirds are made of enameled gold plated copper.
Cloisonnés unique decoration technique has been used since the Byzantine Empire and is created by adding colored enamel compartments to the metal object then soldering metal wire strips are placed on their edges. The metal wire remains visible in the finished pieces which separate the different compartments of enamel or inlay. This technique was used in ancient times for jewelry, small fittings for clothing, or weapons. By the 14th century the enamel technique spread to China, where it was soon used for much larger vessels such as bowls, and vases. This technique is still used in China today and Cloisonné enamel objects using Chinese-derived styles have been produced in the western world as early as the 18th century.


SKU# 5716
3.5" in width.
Gold plated Copper and Enamel.
Assorted colors, Let us choose one for you.