Iris Apfel Exclusive: Engraved Tibetan Bangle


Tibetan bangle with interior and exterior engravings and cabochon stones.


Diameter: 8"

Condition: Pre-Loved by Iris. As all pieces were a part of Iris Apfel's personal collection, individual pieces may show reasonable wear and imperfections.

Iris Apfel is an American sartorial superstar and global fashion icon. Known for her eclectic mixing of haute couture with costume jewelry and exotic baubles, Apfel has inspired bold developments in the fashion industry through her spirited irreverence and pitch-perfect taste! 

She has been the subject of a documentary, coffee-table book, and several museum exhibitions, including the traveling exhibition Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel, on view at the PEM in 2009/2010. After the exhibition’s close, Iris bequeathed the entire collection to the museum. In our Fashion and Design Gallery, you can experience 18 full ensembles from the Apfels, 15 from Iris and 3 from her late husband, Carl.

The Carl & Iris Barrel Apfel Gallery at PEM, given in loving memory of Iris’ parents Sam and Syd Barrel, is the largest known museum presentation of the Apfel collection currently on view.

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