Ocean: A Photicular Book

By Dan Kainen and Carol Kaufmann

It’s the romance of being in the ocean—and the thrill of seeing the animals in motion—in a book unlike any other. New York Times bestseller, Ocean: A Photicular Book, utilizes photicular imagery to create moving pictures in a whole new way. Readers encounter wild animals throughout the book that come alive in your hands. Using an innovative lenticular-based technology, precision sliding lenses, and original four-color video imagery, each image is like a 3-D movie on the page, delivering a rich, fluid, immersive visual experience. Accompanying the images in Ocean, there are lively, informative essays and at-a-glance lists of important facts.

SKU # 6289
8.4”h x 8.4”w
Workman, 2015
ISBN 9780761182450 (9780761180517)
28 pages with color illustrations

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