PEM Chocolate Bars Set of 3

North Shore chocolatier Harbor Sweets has paired with the Peabody Essex Museum to create exclusive custom designs with their distinctive, mouthwatering chocolates.

Enjoy our new PEM Candy Bar Collection made by our favorite chocolatiers at Harbor Sweets-now available exclusively in the Peabody Essex Museum Shop. The 3 flavors are a solid dark chocolate bar, a dark chocolate and mint crunch bar, and a milk chocolate with butter crunch and caramel bar. This set of candy bars in 3 flavors is sure to make your mouth water, and be the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.


SKU# 12257
Clear box contains 3 bars.
Harbor Sweets chocolates are handmade with all natural ingredients.
Gluten Free.
Contains milk and soy, and may contain traces of peanuts.