Shipwrecked in Paradise: Cleopatra's Barge in Hawai'i

By Paul F. Johnston

In 1816, Cleopatra's Barge was America's first oceangoing private yacht, built in Salem, Massachusetts, for George Crowninshield Jr. The yacht was so flashy and gaudy that as many as 8,000 visitors per day boarded the vessel at different ports during her 1817 Mediterranean cruise. It was soon stripped of its finery after Crowninshield's death and was bought by King Kamehameha II and renamed Ha'aheo 'o Hawai'i (Pride of Hawai'i). Its loss in 1824 when it ran aground in Hanalei Bay was most unfortunate. This book offer a highly illustrated record of the history and archaeology of this grand yacht, from her 1816 construction to her 1995 discovery and resulting excavation by the Smithsonian Institution. In this book, Johnston creates a captivating memoir that reconstructs the trials and tribulations of an underwater archaeologist.

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206 pages
Texas A&M University Press published in 2015
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