SUBU Indoor Outdoor Insulated Slippers - Red

Designed in Tokyo, Subus are popularly known as the ‘winter sandal’ checking all the boxes for comfort, simplicity and super durability. Offering a whole new level of functionality, Subus cater to all indoor and outdoor occasions.  Slip them on for quick walks to the mailbox, by the bonfire, at a campsite, or during cold weather jaunts outside.

Features include water-repellent Teflon coated ripstop nylon, polyester down fill, and a super supportive non-slip rubber sole.

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Made for indoor and outdoor wear

Features:  Tear, water, and stain-resistant | Four-layer cushioned insole for maximum comfort and support | Polyester down fill | Non-slip rubber soles | Teflon™-coated ripstop nylon | Non-slip rubber soles | Drawstring storage bag

Care Instructions: Machine wash on gentle cycle, lay flat to dry.

Size Guide:

Subu Size 0 = Mens Size 5-6 / Womens Size 6.5-7.5

Subu Size 1 = Mens Size 6.5-7.5 / Womens Size 8-9

Subu Size 2 = Mens Size 8-9 / Womens Size 9.5-10.5

Subu Size 3 = Mens Size 9.5-10.5 / Womens Size 11-12

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