T.C. Cannon: He Stood in the Sun

T. C. Cannon: He Stood in the Sun provides a retrospective of the life and work of Tommy Wayne Cannon, who is regarded as the most influential and inventive Native American artist. A member of the Kiowa tribe, Cannon gave a voice to the Native American experience and helped change the direction of traditional Indian Art to the “New Wave” movement that characterizes the genre today. This beautifully illustrated book offers an intimate glimpse into the life and work of T. C. Cannon, through interviews with Cannon’s father; stories about T.C. in the words of his friends, family members, and teachers; and the songs, poems, letters, sketches, and paintings created by Cannon himself.

Hardcover, 199 Pages
10 9/16” × 9 15/16”
Copyright 1995 by Northland Publishing

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