Transforming Eagle Plate by Ryan Cranmer

Designed by Namgis artist Ryan Cranmer

This porcelain art plate features a contemporary Indigenous design of a transforming eagle and a red glazed bottom. Designed by Namgis artist Ryan Cranmer. From the artist:

"Eagles represent the power within us to change ourselves and the world around us."

*Individually handcrafted, slight variations make each porcelain plate unique in colour and design.

Native Northwest’s story began over 38 years ago with a social worker, a rack of postcards, and the vision of building everyday connection to Indigenous cultures.

The values behind the Native Northwest brand originate with the founding reason for the company: Native arts and cultures, designed by Indigenous artists, built on a foundation of respect and authenticity. Their tie authentic designs to bold, new concepts where artists can tell the stories of their communities and cultures through their distinct designs.

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5.75" round porcelain plate
Dishwasher and microwave safe

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