Trickster 1:1 Basketball Black and White

Trickster Company promotes innovative indigenous design with a focus on the Northwest Coast art and explore themes and issues in Native culture. 

1:1 refers to two moieties, or halves, in Tlingit culture. Each clan belongs to either the Raven or Eagle moiety. Tradition holds that Ravens should marry Eagles and that in times of mourning for one moiety, the other uplifts and provides support. These are examples of how Ravens and Eagles have held balance since time immemorial, how they continue to, and how they will in future generations.

The Ravens and Eagles depicted on this basketball represent harmony and survivance of cultural values. 


Designed by Crystal Worl

Size: Men's Regulation size 7 (29.5" circumference)

Indoor and Outdoor basketball

Trickster Company

SKU# 14673


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