Watercolor Workshop: Learn to Paint in 100 Experiments

Watercolor Workshop: Learn to Paint in 100 Experiments by Sasha Prood, Foreword by Steven Heller

Learn to paint watercolors. Start your colorful journey through the mesmerizing world of watercolor paints with this sketchbook. Printed on heavy paper with a layflat binding, this book allows you to pa int directly within its pages. 

  • Learn how to choose your colors and set up your palette
  • Practice essential techniques like Wet on Dry and Wet on Wet
  • Play with texture using Ombre', Blooms, and Flat Washes
  • Add special embellishments with Lifting and Layering
  • Discover your own style in the Freeform experiments

With clear instructions, helpful tips, and hand-painted artwork examples, artist Sasha Prood teaches all the skills you need to develop a life-long of this most versatile medium. 


Dimensions are 8 x 1.4 x 8 inches

Abrams, 2018

ISBN 9781419729249

256 pages

SKU# 15182

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