Whisky Decanter with Marble Stopper

Design by Joe Doucet

Short and heavy-bottomed, the NUDE Alba whisky bottle tapers towards the brim to preserve the spirit’s flavors and aromas. The decanter is crafted from lead-free crystal and features a hand engraved, deconstructed tartan pattern adorning the base  — a nod to Scottish tradition. A beautiful circular marble stopper sits gently in the neck of the carafe. 


60.87 fl oz / 7.87"/ 6.30"
Lead-free crystal
Marble stop

About the Maker

The mastery and craftsmanship of handmade glass is a signature of NUDE. NUDE prides itself in its artisanal approach to glassware, specializing in handmade, pure crystalline glass, be the pieces blown, pressed, or press-blown. With 350 Master blowers, NUDE continues to handmake much of the world’s most acclaimed glassware. 


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